Gmail Email Setup

1. Open Gmail and sign in.

2. Click on the gear button in the upper right hand corner and choose Settings about 2/3 of the way down.

3.  Click on “Accounts”

4.  Click on “Add a POP3 Account” A new window will pop up.

5.  Enter your email address (

6.  Click on “Next Step”

7.  Enter your account information. Your email address will be filled in. Your username will be your full email address ( and your password will be the one you have always used. (If you aren’t sure and need to reset it, contact us.) Your POP server will be, port 110.

8.  Click Next Step. It will tell you that this email account has been added. Now let’s set it up to send mail. Select “Yes, I  want to be able to send mail from this account” and click Next.

9. Enter the name you wish your emails to show up as.  “Treat as an Alias” is selected by default, unselect this if you don’t want to use that setting for Gmail. (Click on the Learn More link to learn the pros and cons of doing that.)

10. Click on Next Step.

11. Click on “Send through yourdomain SMTP servers”  and enter the settings. Server is, port 587, username, and the same password as you use to check mail.

12.  Click on “Add Account”. It will verify all the information you’ve entered.

13. It will ask you to verify your email account. This will be a notice from Gmail that will show up in your inbox. Within this email is a conformation code. Put that code into the box and hit next step.

14. You’re done!