Setting up your Apple Mac Mail Account

This is actually for users who currently have an account on the old server, but are moving their mail to the new server. We’ll modify it for MacMail setup after the server move is complete.

First, log into webmail to set your folders correctly. If you do not do this, the server will download all of your messages again.

Once you have your folders set up, open MacMail (the default e-mail client on OS X). Assuming you have your incoming server set to (substitute your actual domain for, MacMail will attempt to connect to the server and will complain that the certificate has changed. Click View Certificate, then put a check in the box “Always Accept Certificate for”. It will ask for you to enter your Computer Administrator password so it can store the certificate on your computer.

With MacMail up, you will need to update your outgoing server. Do the following:

  1. Click Mail on the top menu, then select Preferences
  2. Click on the dropdown that says Outgoing mail server
  3. Select Edit SMTP server list
  4. Select the Advanced tab
  5. Put a check in Use default ports (or enter port 587 directly)
  6. Put a check in Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  7. Ensure Authentication is set to Password
  8. Click OK

When you click Ok, it will then test your connection and ask you to verify the certificate again. Do the same thing, ie click View Certificate, then put a check in the box Always Accept Certificate. When you are done, it will ask for your computer administrator password

IF you can not see all of your folders, go to Mail | Preferences then click the Advanced tab and tell it the IMAP root is nothing. Sometimes it puts INBOX in there and can not see your folders if you do not have it set up that way.