Setting up Out of Office or Autoresponder for an e-mail account

Note: The servers below use a certificate signed by Daily Data, and you may get a warning about an “unknown or insecure certificate” when going to them. To install our Certificate of Authority, use the article Installing Daily Data’s Security Certificate.

Individual Users

  1. Open your web browser to (secure) or http://mydomain/webmail (insecure) with e-mail address and password
  2. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner (between Address Book and Logout)
  3. Select Account tab
  4. Select Autoreply section on left
  5. Fill out the form (Note: in the past, the date would not work correctly, but it appears to have been fixed with the most recent release).


  1. Log into the control panel at (secure)
  2. Select Email tab
  3. Select Email Mailbox on left
  4. Click on email account in large window
  5. Click on Autoresponder tab
  6. Fill out the form