Updating e-mail to signed SSL

In the past, Daily Data has used self signed certificates on our mail and web servers. More and more e-mail programs are stopping support for this, leading us to purchasing certificates for our mail server.

Over the weekend of 1 March 2019, we will move our mail service to use this type of certificate. When we do, your mail programs (Thunderbird, K9 Mail for Android, Outlook, Apple Mail) will complain about the mail server and, in some cases, cease to function.

Note: This does not change anything except the name of the mail servers you use. You can use the same port, the same username (your e-mail address), the same everything, except the name of the server you send and receive from.

Most users will simply need to change the name of their mail server in their e-mail program. If you are using mail.mydomain.com and smtp.mydomain.com (where mydomain.com is your domain), simply change the server name to mail.dailydata.net and smtp.dailydata.net. Nothing else will need to change.

You can do this right now, in which case you will receive an error about the certificate, or you can wait until we have made the change (over the weekend of 1-3 Mar) and do it then. If you make the change beforehand, you will receive a warning about an invalid certificate, but when we make the change, you will not have any issues.

If you wait, you will receive an error message immediately after we make the change. At that point, you will have to change your incoming and outgoing servers to mail.dailydata.net and smtp.dailydata.net.

Third Option

There is a third option. We can purchase a certificate for your domain and install it, just like we have done for the dailydata.net domain. The cost is $60/year. For most people, this would not be worth the cost, but if you decide you want it, contact us to get that set up before 1 Mar 2019.

How I did this on my account

I use Thunderbird for my rodolico.org e-mail. To make this change, I clicked on Edit, then Account Settings. I then looked at my personal e-mail account, Server Settings, and found that I was already using mail.dailydata.net. I thought maybe I was using mail.rodolico.org, in which case I would have had to change it (the server only).
I then went to be bottom and looked for the Outgoing Server settings. In there, I had put smtp.rodolico.org, so I changed it to smtp.dailydata.net

I use K9 Mail for my Android, so I went and checked it. Went to Settings, then Account Settings, then Fetching Mail, then Incoming Server. That said mail.rodolico.org, so I changed it to mail.dailydata.net. I then backed up and went to Sending Mail, then Outgoing Server, which also said smtp.rodolico.org, so I changed that to smtp.dailydata.net.

Done. Actually fairly easy, once you find where it is set at. Finding it is the hard part.